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The Pink Ranger was a ditzy white girl … the Yellow Ranger was Asian … the Black Ranger was black — but the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” didn’t start out …



  1. Honestly, as someone who grew up watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the concept of Racism was so foreign to us, that any implied Racism concerning Zack and Trini went right over our heads… we were too busy enjoying the show to even care.. I miss those times.

  2. It was or is racist now, they had no intent of being racist you fucking idiots.Just white people feeling guilty of what their ancestors did.Im not btw fuck all you black people who find the black ranger being played by a black  man racist

  3. A black person wearing black clothes and a white person wearing white person wearing white clothes is not racist, it's just clothes.Even if it was done on purpose it's still not racist. The black ranger is black, the white ranger is white, big deal.

  4. They should have had him do capoeira I think that would have been awesome. Not just culture or race wise but it would also show A diversity in martial arts and body training which is really what Power Rangers was supposed to be about. I'll never understand why everyone tries to turn it into a race issue and always looking to be offended by something. I don't care what other say this show was positive for every kid I knew growing up. And today me and my friends of all Races color and Creed enjoy talking about it with our kids.


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