The internet is full of gifts that can spice up any iPhone, even newer models that are almost too good to be true. From your luddite friend who wants something basic to your roommate who’s into really weird stuff, everyone has an iPhone accessory that’s perfect for them. 

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We’ve combed through the internet to find the coolest iPhone accessories around, for both the most mainstream and most offbeat of your friends. Here are some gifts to buy:

Charge it up!

Image: amazon/jackery

Perfect for: The friend who has a million gadgets to charge

Portable power supplies company Jackery makes a bunch of excellent battery chargers, but our absolute favorite is the Jackery Bolt, one of its fastest and most convenient chargers. The company claims that the Bolt will charge your phone twice as fast as an iPhone charger will, so it’s great for power in a hurry.  Read more…

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