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Ho, ho, ho, it’s nearly that time of year where half the population turns into some kind of possessed festive demon, counting down the days to Jesus’s birthday with an advent calendar full of mince pie-flavoured candy canes, and the other half bunker down in their nuclear apocalypse shelter waiting for the New Year to roll in.

One not-so traditional part of the aforementioned festivities is the mass proposing that seems to happen this time of year, where our social media feeds become clogged with heavily filtered images of loved up couples who’ve just popped the question/had the question popped.

If you’re the type of guy who thinks they might want to propose but aren’t completely sure, then you need to take a look at this list, posted to Instagram by You and Your wedding magazine.

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That’s right, Chris, it’s time to take a knee and ask your partner to join you in a life-long, never ending, ’til death do us part commitment. Yeah, that sounds a lot scarier when written out.

But don’t worry Chris, you’re not the only one on the wedding hit list this Christmas, you’re joined by James, David, Daniel and Michael, as well as 15 other lucky guys.

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And this isn’t the only list you and your partner should be taking heed of, according to research by Closer magazine girls named Emma are most likely to get pregnant in 2018.

That’s closely followed by Laura, Sarah, Stephanie and Kirsty. So if you’re called Chris and your partner Emma, or vice versa, you’re set for a roller coaster of a year in 2018.

Guys Called Chris Most Likely To Propose This Year GettyImages 871615218Getty

The same can be said of James-Laura, David-Sarah, Daniel-Stephanie and Michael-Kirsty partnerships, or any combination of those names. 2018 is going to a hell of a year. Get ready. You’ve been warned.

Anyone with less common names, bad news, it looks like you’re going to have to wait a bit longer to settle down with kids.

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