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Kate Gosselin’s attempt to show how great things are going for her kids blew up in her face on live TV this morning … because the kids CLEARLY didn’t follow …



  1. If the answer to a question is silence means there's something troubling them but can't spite it out for the fear of mother who claims that she's only doing a motherly thing what's best for her children.
    If there's nothing wrong in a relationship between mother and daughter definitely they will be very proud to tell the whole world how good their mother was? ISN'T it?

  2. They're just two adorable 13yr olds… In regards to some of the comments on here that I've read. (Stupid- that you'd point out what race they look like! She's well aware what race her children are!!!!) The fathers genes usually are more dominant! Their mother loves them beyond words! So WTH does that have to do with anything? Also, to the other that said that "non of them are attrative"…..WTF? who would post that non of THEM are attractiveness and after having so many babies at once Kate deserved to get her body back!!!! She looks amazing!! God bless her- for loving her children and being a great mom! She also seemed to take up for the children's dad, which is great considering all the turmoil! Divorce is hard- especially with children, affairs, being in the media etc!!! Don't hate on kids! That's bullshit!!!! Those that do are so wrong!!!! I do agree that she can be a bit of a crabby pants sometimes….but she's mom….always there! I would be to with that many little ones to manage. I don't think as bad though! My thoughts on Dad, he couldn't handle it and he bailed!!! My God what kind of parent or father leaves his family of this size (babies) on national television? I'm sorry but he's so- so- so wrong!!!!!!

  3. Of all the interviews I've seen in the past decade this is the most cringe-inducing and uncomfortable. It's beyond strange as well. Something is a bit wrong with that mother and her relationship with her daughters. Perhaps they simply needed more rehearsal but there's no denying there was anger in that mother's demeanor.

  4. This is ridiculous! I am speaking to the teens' behavior from the perspective of someone in the field of human behavior, specifically adolescents. These adolescence are just that… Teens that have a perfectly normal response to being put on the spot. They are self-conscious about how their response will be perceived by others. They look to their mom for comfort and guidance at the moment that they are nervous, God forbid. Mom's response is put under the magnifying glass by losers who have nothing better to do then find fault in others. The irony is those who are quick to criticize others do the same to themselves. Kate you are doing just fine, ignoring these comments. Best, from one momma to another 😉

  5. I don't get all of this. Two teenage twins, and six other children. Kate is a single parent. Is she worried about money, for sure. Is she high strung definitely. Is she using reality television as a scam. No. ..NO MORE THEN ANY OTHER REALITY "STAR". She is a smart young woman and yes is thriving on both negative and positive publicity. I congratulate her for not losing her mind. I wish Kate Gosselin the very best and also am a fan of her show. I feel that people are just plain jealous that she has been able to hold her own and has been successful in a very competitive business. I hope her show has a very long run, that the kids grow up and do well and that Kate herself meets a decent man and eventually finds some happiness in her own life. It must be miserable being surrounded by mainly children all of the time. If she wasn't on reality TV what sort of employment could she possibly get that would pay enough to feed and clothe so many children. No matter what she does, she will be criticized, all the stories sell garbage magazines and talk show ratings go up when she is a guest. I raised only two children, and was fortunate to have an education and a six figure income. It still was a struggle. Teenagers are a challenge and no one can fix that. I have seen her ex husband on a reality couples show trying to repair his relationship with a young, cheap looking girl whose vocabulary demonstrated no education and never once was there a word about either one of them caring about his children or hers lol. Yes she had a few children also. As far as I am concerned he is the problem and is unhappy that his kids don't need him so he attempts to destroy Kate every chance that he has. I hope he loses all visitation. Seems as though the older girls already do not want anything to do with him. Best of luck to you Kate and wishing you and the children a blessed holiday season.

  6. the way I see it 1) teen girls don't always run off at the mouth about things, especially at the spur of the moment like that. 2) compared to what? yes they have their friends and have an little hint of what their home life is like but go and ask an adult, you will get that near same dumbfounded expression too. yes, they have an idea of what kind of life they would like but hey, it ain't always greener. 3) silence can go either way – agreeing with the statement or have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. 4) they kept looking at each other as if expecting the other to have the answer of should they actually say something, what to say, and how much to say. sometimes the mouths of babes doesn't stop at toddlers and preschoolers once started.

  7. what spoiled little bitches.  They have been annoying since day one.  Kate is a great mom with kids that have no idea how hard Kate had to work to raise them.  Those two should be humiliated not Kate.  I hope she whooped them both after the show, they deserve SFA!!!!


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