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“I feel so bad for Madonna. She’s old. She has to use this kind of phone.”


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Higher Instrumental
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City Lights
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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Closeup of Man’s hand inserting the audio cassette into the retro tape player.
Trumzz/Getty Images
close up hand of a man holding pager
Pigeon Productions Inc./Getty Images
Close up hand holding open motorola flip phone
Red Fish LLC/Getty Images
Man’s hand dialing on an old fashioned vintage telephone
Trumzz/Getty Images
Old Floppy Disk Drive
OriowskiDesigns/Getty Images



  1. I lost it when they tried to put the tape in WHILE IT WAS STILL IN THE CASE! Come on, that had to be for show. They may not have used tapes, but I'm pretty sure they've seen pictures of them on the Internet.

  2. Cassette players are the death of me because my class and i were doing an escape room the grade above us made

    And I literally thought that something would be on the tape buT NO


    there was a clue on the tape tho

  3. TLDR: The little girl I used to nanny said it'd be easier to use an iPhone for music than a CD player.

    I went to Goodwill with a little girl that I used to nanny. We were in the electronics and I picked up a CD player and asked if she knew what it was. She said no so I explained to her that you could put a CD in and listen to songs on it, about 12 or so. She then asked, "why wouldn't you just use your iphone?"

  4. "Born 2005" You're ***** 5 years younger than me yet you haven't the foggiest idea what a ***** cassette (tape) player is??? I own one and about 10 tapes of audiobooks. Audible * ** * ** **** ** * *.

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