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“I’m just going to make fancy print.”


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  1. When I was in elementary school, I graduated high school in 2014. They picked like 10 people and taught them Braille instead of cursive. Let me tell you none of us were blind so we didn't need to have to learn Braille

  2. In my country by the time you are grade3 you have to write in cursive instead of print then when you get to high shcool you can write in print or in cursive i am gtade 5 and its so easy to write in print.

  3. Tbh I write in cursive but I don't really think it's that important, seeing as most documents are typed nowadays, and the only time you'll be writing is filling out paperwork (and you should really fill out paperwork in print, for readability).

  4. That one 14 year old that knows cursive because frikin english teacher makes me write in cursive everytime we need to write. If its not cursive you get a MINUS in your test 😥

  5. We've never EVER been taught how to write in cursive. We were always told to write each letter separate and almost square like. Nobody listened and my natural writing is almost cursive like sooo…Scotland for ya!!!

  6. I overheard when in the library the other day that there's just one teacher still teaching cursive in the local elementary school. I just hope the kids learn how to sign their name as it's still needed for a lot of things.

  7. I went to a private school in my elementary years and all we did is cursive. When I went to public school my teacher got mad when I couldn't write print that well and I was like " FINE ILL TEACH IT TO THE ENTIRE CLASS DURING LUNCH SO YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH MORE CHILDREN."

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