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Under the law, that’s all she wrote, because MJ had every right to disinherit anyone he wanted … even his own kids. What he did was provide for Paris, Blanket …



  1. He IS Michael's son. The REAL Michael because Michael has been cloned and imitated for years he died years before the Michael we know died. Hollywood took him out. Feel sorry for this kid he's not getting respect from his father's legacy. This IS his son.

  2. I have no idea who's child this is. The Jackson's have traveled so many places and are very active. It's pretty sad that B doesn't have his own personality. He always seems to imitate.

  3. If paris and the other 2 are really mjs kids the why are they white understand he bleached his skin but they should have the black trait and should resemble it, theres no reason they should be white at all.


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