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Sure to please any Pokémon fan, each “Poncho Wearing Pikachu” features Pikachu in a poncho dressing as another Pokemon! They are as adorable as you can imagine and as cute as you CANNOT imagine! Don’t miss the chance to own one! This series comes in 2 formats: mini-plush, and mini-plush keychain.

Rare to find. Available only in authorized Japan Pokemon Center, the Monthly Pikachu series has become one of the most wanted item for Pokemon fans. Recommend for age 13 or up only.

This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY):
• BCC950S78-452YX1E5G (Pikachu as Mega Charizard X)
• BCC950S61-452YX1E580 (Pikachu as Mega Charizard Y)
• BCC950S54-452YX1E641 (Pikachu as Mega Charizard X)
• BCC950S47-452YX1E658 (Pikachu as Mega Charizard Y)
• BCC9R5Z1-452YX1EK5 (Pikachu as Mega Lucario)
• BCC9484172-452YX194004 (Pikachu as Rayquaza)
• BCC9484Z5-452YX194011 (Pikachu as Shiny Rayquaza)
• BCC9484158-452YX194714 (Pikachu as Lugia)
• BCC9484141-452YX194721 (Pikachu as Ho-Oh)

ONE FREE official Pokemon trading card is bundled with this item. The card is randomly inserted (may be inside the product packaging), and there’s a chance to receive a valuable rare card! If you return this item, the trading card must be returned.
We did the difficult and expensive work and imported this series of cute Pokemon Center Japan Poncho Wearing Pikachu” Plush into USA directly from Japan — no more worrying whether your package will arrive. You can get it through Fulfilled by Amazon now!
Each “Poncho Wearing Pikachu” features Pikachu in a poncho dressing as another Pokemon!
Rare to find. Come with Pokemon Center Japan’s product tag!!!
Only available in authorized Japan Pokemon Center. Recommended for ages 13+.