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Rick Ross calls out Harvey, giving him a new name, Harvest. Good luck trying to visit though Rick, you’ll never get past our security! SUBSCRIBE: …



  1. i'm gonna start watching these TMZ sit down discussions cz they are proving to be HILARIOUS!! i died when justin walked in like "what are we talkin about"?? even I could get past him!!!

  2. The real 50 ain't a rapper
    The real capone ain't a rapper
    the real noeriaga ain't a rapper
    the real escobar ain't a rapper
    the real gotti ain't a rapper
    the real scarface ain't a rapper (he a fucking movie character)
    the real machieavelli ain't a rapper
    the real castro ain't a rapper
    the real Idi amin ain't a rapper
    the real gaddaffi ain't a rapper
    now stfu n keep it moving fuck boy all dem rappers been doing the same shit. u just stupid enough to fall for the lies.

  3. I'm not saying that it's wrong, he said he was a cocaine dealer and gangsta/thug and turned out to be a CO… He also talks about money, he hasn't got any, it's all loaned… Everything is his Cars, Jewellery, house etc. He stole someones identity and was making money off their story, the real Real Rick Ross isn't the rapper.

  4. so its wrong to protect and serve..Wow.. god forbid something happen to a family member u wouldnt want them to be punsihed..Yea lets make fun of people who protect us…Even tho he was just a Corrections officer.


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