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Sean Kingston could’ve killed somebody last night … ’cause he got behind the wheel of his Lamborghini after a BOOZING, pulled out his cell phone to text and …



  1. yea this country is going to shit like how socail security is going bankrupt thanks to kim kardashian and how the war on terror is list thanks to deniis rodman, thank the celebrities for out political and economic problems, this country is deff going to shit

  2. Bieber is a cunt and he should go to jail for that or something? Chris beat up a woman that's something you cannot ever compare to Bieber's behavior what is wrong with you? Bieber if he did something on that level or a actual crime he would be locked up son. So funny you said stuff those two did and they should be hated for that but only had 'cunt' for Bieber. I guess that's all you can do. His not so crystal image is still not worse then Chris Brown's.


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