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“The Wire” star Anwan Glover is acting like getting stabbed is no big deal … because everyone knows Washington D.C. is not all roses and rose gardens.



  1. That's some fuckin next level paparazzi shit do, 'proachin the dude in his own back yard when he's been shanked up a couple days befo an is prolly spose to be restin an recuperatin an shit, not giving yall interviews an shit! Lucky he dint mistake the tmz dude for someone tryna finish the hit off an come at his ass wiv straight right or a fuckin bat or some shit n knock yall the fuck out yo!

  2. Respect to Anwan, true gee. What he say right at the end suttin bout 'hey tmz, I never thought I be on tmz' or some shit? His face kinda brightens up as he's saying it but he also looks a lil', a lil' psychotic on the real.

  3. Anwan Glover. Seriously a really GREAT and talented actor. 

    BUT…NOTHING is going to happen if you stay in DC!!! Move to NYC or LA so you don't waste your talent or get killed hanging around a bunch of jealous LOSERS.

  4. I would have appreciated him being more articulate and mature about such a serious matter.  He acted like it would boost "street cred."  He knows it's real in the field, ain't nobody got time to be getting murdered.  He'd better get somewhere and move on with his career b/c that city would still be rachet if he was dead and gone.  Can't take  getting stabbed lite hearted, that -ish hurts tragically!


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