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Tom and Gisele are sucking face at a little league game with Tom’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, just feet away! Are they trying to stick it to Bridget, or are they really …



  1. i don't think much of Tom Brady (really, leaving a pregnant girlfriend) I think it is through Gisele and Bridget being Mom's that had them hugging.I love Bridget as an actress, and I admire Gisele's whole spirit of loving her family,parents,sisters, all her relatives, I think that is beautiful.

  2. "like a really hot dog peeing on a very attractive tree." XD I can't.
    That must have been really awkward for Bridget though. "Excuse me, still here guys. It would be great if you would go make out somewhere where i CAN'T SEE YOU."

  3. Everyone is saying how Tom left Bridget when she was pregnant, but at that time, when they broke up, she didn't even know herself. It was a few months after dating Gisele when he found out.

  4. Tom and Bridget broke up before she found out she was pregnant You don't have sex then the next day know you expecting Some women don't realize untill 8 or more weeks into becoming pregnant Bridget probably didn't have a normal menstrual cycle she is extremely thin Tom and Gisele were set up on a blind date they didn't know each other till after Bridget and Tom were broken up

  5. bridget is also world famous plus she is an hollywood actress n she's now married to MCG guy who is big famous director producer something in hollywood + he's good looking though for tom brady u suck u fucking asshole…..

  6. This is how people behave when they have moved on with their lives.  Besides who really knows for sure if Tom leaved his first wife for Gisele, maybe their relationship was already done before he met Gisele.


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