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The Only Way Is Essex star Pete Wicks showed his softer side when he travelled to South Korea to help rescue scores of dogs destined to end up as food.

Wicks headed to South Korea as part of a humanitarian effort to help free over 170 dogs from a Korean meat farm, he even ended up smuggling 13 pups into his personal luggage in order to get them to safety.

I usually give the stars of TOWIE a lot grief – I just can’t give validation to reality TV stars like Gemma Collins and Joey Essex.

No amount of words or pictures could describe some of the pain and suffering I have witnessed today. With your help, we can begin to put an end to this suffering… @hsiglobal @hsiukorg 🐶♥ #enddogmeattrade Donate now using the link in my bio… 🔸🔸

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However , Wicks’ effort to save those helpless canines has forced me to rethink my distaste for the star’s of ITV’s top reality show.

The 28-year-old reality star flew out to a meat farm in Namyangju, a city in South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province with the Humane Society International. Their mission was to rescue the captive dogs from one of the 17,000 dog meat farms throughout the country.

Talking to The Sun Wicks said:

Seeing for myself the horror of a dog meat farm has been one of the most emotional experiences of my life.

I love my dog Eric with all my heart, and I kept thinking how dreadful it would be for him to spend even one day in a place like that.

Some of the dogs I met were terrified, and you can’t blame them because they’ve seen the cruel side of humanity, but I couldn’t believe how friendly most of them were despite everything they’ve been through.

The way they wagged their tails just broke my heart. Despite going through hell, they still wanted to be our friends. That was so humbling.

Beautiful little Maggie May leaving the farm today to start her new life thanks to @hsiglobal @hsiukorg ♥🐶 – Help us end this brutal trade by donating using the link in my bio…🔸 🔸#EndDogMeatTrade

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Using his presence on Instagram Wick’s documented the experience in order to bring awareness to the project and the good work HSI do in protecting animals.

In two of the photos Wicks is seen wearing their green jacket and woolie hat while holding the pups he and the HSI rescued. He also urged his one million followers to kindly contribute to the HSI.

In one of his posts Wicks writes:

No amount of words or pictures could describe some of the pain and suffering I have witnessed today. With your help, we can begin to put an end to this suffering…

As some of you may know I will be heading to South Korea tomorrow along with the @hsiglobal @hsiukorg rescue team to help shut down a dog meat farm. It would mean an awful lot to me, the HSI team but more importantly the poor dogs if you could help us: 🔸 or click the link in my bio🔸

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Earlier this week the TOWIE star posted a picture of a dog who was caged up, under photo he wrote a caption informing his legion of followers he was heading to South Korea to shut down one of their many dog meat farms.

By using his star power and influence Wicks’ followers were made aware of what is happening in South Korea and have pledged their support for the HSI’s cause to help save more puppies from a cruel and horrible fate.

I am so honoured to announce that I will be travelling to South Korea with @hsiglobal @hsiukorg to help shut down a DOG MEAT farm. It is something that is very close to my heart and an absolute privilege to be able to use my voice for those that can’t ♥🐶…please help the team and I however big or small by donating whatever you can using this link: or click the link in my bio #linkinbio 🙏🏼

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They even signed a petition, which was posted on Wick’s Instagram page, which will be presented to the South Korean government.

To find out more about the Humane Society’s mission or to make a contribution you can click here.

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