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Watch Triple H’s Ice bucket challenge video on TMZ Sports: Triple H took the plunge this morning — accepting the ALS Ice Bucket …



  1. Not one ALS IBC has been posted in 3 months so I am here to mock you defenders for the cunt muffins you are. I hope awareness has reached critical mass before the summer ended because no one gives a shit now. Its like Kony2012 all over again

  2. standing up and FIGHTING for a disease that affects less than .009% of the population.  What a hero.  You could argue thats why they raise awareness, I would argue there's more prevelant ailments that require more energy put into them than this.

  3. I agree with what he says but I think a lot of people especially who I know don't actually donate they just do it for facebook likes.I didn't do the challenge but I donated.

  4. How  about all these people that Want Attention make a video donating money to ALS and a ALS location. How about putting money where your stupid mouth is ??? Everyone just wants to be famous !!

  5. I just remembered that when Triple H first started wrestling for the WWF. He was introduced as this sort of 18th century English gentleman type of character. Guess it got phased out somewhere along the way.


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