As I’m sure you heard, Disney bought 20th Century Fox for $52 billion today. And I’m sure your first thought was, what does this mean for The Simpsons?

While we don’t know exactly, we will gladly speculate while ruminating on the fact that, for 28 years, the longest-running animated show has dunked on the Big Mouse company over and over again. 

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While we don’t know about how the show’s new overlords will treat the beloved show, it could very well mean good things for fans.

Another huge thing that Disney bought — besides the right to include X-Men in their Avengers movies — is a hefty share of control over streaming platform Hulu. As we wrote, one of Disney’s main goals for buying the media company would be to compete with Netflix’s and Amazon’s growing influence with its own enormous back catalog. That includes The Simpsons.  Read more…

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