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Somebody flew an actual DRONE over the LAPD’s Hollywood Division … and the cops aren’t too happy about it. SUBSCRIBE: About …



  1. I just read the Flying Fucking Assholes (FFA) guidelines and plans for drone fliers. It isn't too bad but be ready to buy a $5 pilot's license. I was searching, specifically for private property rules and I'm surprised what I found. This is long read it if you wish:

    Common law principles can also apply in areas such as private property rights, nuisance and product liability. Regarding private property, caution is in order. The old notion that ownership of land entails ownership of all the air above it was long ago abrogated by statute,37 and all navigable airspace is legally in the public domain.38 Navigable airspace is any airspace in which flight can take place, in some cases right down to inches above the ground.39 Many cases have confirmed that a property owner does not have a cause of action for trespass where a flight is conducted in airspace above the property in compliance with federal regulations. Where a helicopter hovered low over a homeowner’s property while the crew shot video for a news story, the court rejected a trespass claim.40 (not in it's entirety)

  2. kool…my friends in jail, I'm gonna fly some weapons to him when he's out in the yard.. my other friends in rehab.. think I'll send him some heroin… I'm gonna get rich off this shit! yea!

  3. dont need new laws just need to put a mask up that will interfere and drive the drone the over away the transmitter will be on the top of the light and will transmit all the frequencies that drones are known to have

  4. Why not make special drone jammers? So when a drone enters a certain perimeter it jams their frequency. Drones are fairly new, I'm sure drone developers could implement this.

    Or most drones have GPS, why not make the jammer make the drone "go home" like with the Phantom 3.


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