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The 59th GRAMMY Awards – Roaming Show
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Vase of red roses falling and breaking
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In high quality format man holding hand of wrong girl
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Sad girl in wedding dress looking pictures. FullHD
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Closeup of young upset couple embrace each other after quarrel. Woman looking wistful and sad hug her boyfrined at home
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  1. I don't understand the woman in the beginning, "Beyoncé isn't a fool". She does realize that Beyoncé stayed with jay z even knowing that she cheated right? I'm not saying that Beyoncé is a fool for staying, but that point didn't make any sense lol.

  2. it depends, honestly. I'd have to know that they were truly repentant and wanted to change if I was going to stay with them. however if I felt I could not trust them the relationship would be over.

  3. I feel it's easy to leave the relationship than to forgive, because it's so much harder to do. it's also something that doesn't go away right away. forgetting is even harder.. but really it depends on how serious the relationship is. with my experience there was just too much to lose, 80/20 is a real thing.

  4. Nope. Been cheated on twice and I didn't tolerate it either time. My girlfriend knows if she cheated it would be the end but I trust her.

  5. I don't know how I would ever forgive anyone for cheating on me, it's like a wall, if you cheat the wall is broken, you forgive them, the wall if fixed but it will never look the same as it did before

  6. I personally think its all about respect. You respect your partner enough to not cheat. Have respect to end it because if youre willing to cheat, then your relationship isnt healthy enough.

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